Bring Your Dog To Work To De-stress

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As we roll into the first part of 2017 we renew our pledges to change the odd thing here and there in our personal life. This maybe getting fitter, eating healthy, drinking more water, quitting a bad habit and so on. But what about business? What about your working environment?

If there is one piece of advice to heed for the new year that we can give is to explore new ways to de-stress your working environment. Look at 2016, what would you change in your working environment? Was there a better way to work and get more done? Was there alternative ways to help destress your working day?

One simple way to de-stress yourself or employees is to invite your pet dog to the workplace. It is a scheme that’s been adopted by many blue chip organisations. Why? Because it is proven to de-stress employees, increases their well being, improves health and helps them become more efficient too.

So why bring your dog to work to de-stress?

Well if it works for the blue chips maybe it can work for you too? There is scientific analysis to confirm that having your loved pooch around you when you are working makes for a more efficient workforce. Obviously if you are in the hospitality sector you need to be mindful of respective laws of course but where you can it could offer you the very best in de-stressing for your workplace. So grab the lead, shout the dog and grab your laptop…it’s time to give it a go!

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