Business Hacks – 5 easy ways to save money and create more business

Business Hacks – 5 easy ways to save money and create more business image

Piggy-back your offline marketing

When you send an invoice out, make some space or add your best offer for the week to the envelope.  You could also add a discount coupon or promotion.  You could also offer a loyalty discount code that could be used back online via your website.  This is a great way to keep repeat business levels high.

Here with our Business Hacks – 5 easy ways to save money and create more business

Think about a referral scheme

You may even have customers who could make great referrals to your business. Think about a simple reward program that could bring more business your way easily.  Ask your friends and relatives for any names and contact details to contact new business directly.


Use testimonials.  There is no better content for your sales literature or website than happy customer feedback.  It brings confidence to your brand and people feel safe that others are using your services to buy.

Be an advisor on your business subject

To give an example we came across a law firm who were looking to extend their reach across a county in the UK.  One of their legal team spoke to local radio and now has a morning slot once a week to offer support and legal advice for people phoning in.   Likewise and depending on your business you could offer advice or services to local community groups. A great way to spread awareness of your brand and to reach new contacts.

Email your business to potential new customers

Speak to your local business development team at your council offices.  They are sure to have an opt-in mailing list of all business in your area which if permitted to use you can create a simple sales message to email out your offer or services.


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