Is your business making the most of Wimbledon fortnight?

Is your business making the most of Wimbledon fortnight? image

If you are a savvy retailer then you know that you can make quick marketing gains by running promotions or marketing campaigns with the latest trending story or event. The UK calendar has always something to go at, maybe a yearly sporting event such as our own Grand Slam Tennis event at Wimbledon or football championships such as the Euro’s, World Cup or even Olympics. There is always certainly something to go at so as it’s Wimbledon fortnight at The All England Lawn Tennis Club I thought I’d share some handy marketing tips to create awareness of your business and serve up some aces for you to hit at.

Marketing agencies will always look for the trend, where the traffic is, where the hot topics are and develop clever ways to harness the conversation around the topic unlocking new traffic sources to a business. It makes sense. Identify what is being talked about and join the conversation – even better create the conversation.

Take a look at Morrisons Supermarket located by Wimbledon. By tweaking the name ever so slightly to ‘Murrisons’ they embraced the opportunity and gained lots of awareness on social media. A very simple approach with a great impact. By adding in a deck chair area and live screen they were able to maximise the marketing opportunity, adding brand value and ‘joining in’ with the Wimbledon Championships. Retweets galore from celebrities, staff, customers, Wimbledon themselves and more. A low financial commitment with great awareness gain.

But your business doesn’t have to go this far to embrace the opportunity. Maybe you are a farm shop, cafe or restaurant, you could simply add Strawberries and Cream with a Pimms or two on the menu entitled something ‘tennis’ related. You’ll LOVE our Championship Strawberries, Cream and Pimms. Take ADVANTAGE of our championship offers this July. You get the idea. Make something of it, your customers will love it and it gives you something to photograph, tweet, hashtag, post on Facebook, Periscope and more.

Events such as Wimbledon are an opportunity not to be missed – even if your business is one of the furthest away from the event itself and you’re not really into tennis, your customers could be. Open your mind to each positive trending opportunity. There are many conversations happening, there are lots of the news and your business could prosper by capitalising on cost effective marketing.

If you need funding to expedite a marketing campaign or you are looking for a wider, larger marketing campaign for your business there are some business funding options available to you. We, for example, offer what is called a merchant cash advance. This could be a great choice for your business. Unlike many other forms of commercial finance a business cash advance works with your cash flow only repaying as and when your business makes sales. It’s to your business ‘advantage’ and you’ll ‘love’ the repayment structure. The ball is in your court! (see what I did there?). Hopefully, you will try and embrace the above for many different occasions and remember to steer clear of any trademark infringements and you will be fine.

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