Is Your Business Ready For Christmas Promotion?

Is Your Business Ready For Christmas Promotion? image

As ever Christmas is seemingly flying up on us all. Retail stores are starting to roll out their Christmas campaigns as we creep into November. But what if you haven’t like so many other small businesses even started thinking about the festive season? Well it’s not too late! Here with a last minute to do list for a small businesses going into the festive period.

1. Think about your Christmas promotions

Figure out your Christmas promotions now and you don’t have to be specific at this stage.

2. Start the buzz now!

Let your customers know what kind of deals they are likely to see over the next few weeks. Push out the message through social media and word of mouth. Remember to optimise your social media campaigns by getting people to opt into your newsletters or customer database. It may be a few weeks from Christmas still but there are customers who are already thinking and buying into Christmas.

3. Offer in store promotions

Think about in store promotion, can you create a ‘shop in shop’ style promotion area for Christmas alone? I called into a farm shop over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at just how ell they had given thought to a Christmas area immediately visible through their main entrance. They also gave thought to the customer walkthrough and presented gift ideas and product placement throughout the journey from door to point of sale.

4. Target your customers through alternative social media

Facebook and Twitter are the usual platforms of choice but did you know that there are many others – all with their own audience? These can be a great way to promote your business. For example I recently started using Periscope and immediately found a live broadcast from a bar in Galway Ireland. The owner was filming within the bar whilst there was live music being played. As I watched the great coverage and enjoyed the music and atmosphere (all be it online) I felt I’d love to visit such a pub with such a great atmosphere. And there you have it. Use the power of such social media to capture the essence of your business, don’t push it too hard on the sales side but let your audience warm to your brand.

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