Celebrating business ideas month – Nerdalize

Celebrating business ideas month – Nerdalize image

Celebrating Business Ideas Month is here to celebrate business ideas, new innovation, and give UK entrepreneurs an idea of exciting business ideas from around the world.

To start off our ‘Celebrating Business Ideas Month’ we look to Dutch startup Nerdalize. Their idea like any great invention is to take a problem and flip it into a solution.

With the ever growing need for large data centres to be built each year in what is a booming industry right now.  The issues are big in more ways than one, not only do you need large spaces for the hardware required such as data servers but you need large cooling isolations designed to regulate the heat produced.

This is where Nerdalize comes in. This clever lot in Holland have created a solution that makes use of this wasted heat by placing individual servers in people’s homes where the heat can be used to heat a room.  The electricity to power the unit is covered by Nerdalize and the unit is leased by the homeowner.  All the Nerdalize servers are connected to ‘The Nerdalize Cloud’ ! Simple.

Although there are many questions you may think of with running a mini data centre bolted to your lounge wall such as data security, summer heating, fibre bandwidth etc these seem to be answered well on their website http://www.nerdalize.com/faq/


Nerdalize & Eneco from Nerdalize on Vimeo.



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