Christmas Is Coming Early – Is Your Business Ready?

Christmas Is Coming Early – Is Your Business Ready? image

We are officially into Autumn which means only one thing, the big one is just around the corner. Christmas is a retailers dream season and the good news for businesses is that the hype, marketing and sales pushes are starting earlier each year. In fact at Merchant Cash Advance offices we saw Christmas products and promotions in September this year.

Although there are sighs and groans from a part of the consumer market with Christmas making it’s appearance early on in the year as a business you need to stay ahead of the game. Preparing early, learning from last year, checking your analytics and forecasts, understanding your customer purchasing timings and so on.

The earlier you prepare the better

Look at your Christmas marketing promotions – hopefully you are thinking about running something! If you are and you have had experience in driving sales through targeted marketing before you will be familiar with the importance of getting it right. You should be aiming to increase performance year on year so look at new ways to engage a wider audience.

Retail figures have been incredible through 2016 with consumers happy to spend amid the wake of Brexit. In fact the doom and gloom forecasting around Brexit has had no effect on the UK consumer whatsoever – in fact figures are up on 2015 over the same period.

Christmas will no doubt be another marker that the UK retail industry will fight through negativity of the exit from the European Union.

So don’t think about tightening up your marketing and promotional drive, this is a time to capitalise on the current market conditions which seem for this year very positive.

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