Create an app and sell it for $5.9 billion

Create an app and sell it for $5.9 billion image

The gaming industry heavyweight Activision Blizzard, who built an empire on videogames for consoles and PCs, has purchased King Digital, the makers of popular app game Candy Crush for a total equity value of $5.9 billion.

So how do you do it? Even a fraction of that would see most of us through to retirement! Well the trick is simple…it’s ‘simplicity’. Like any business the race to market starts as soon as the idea hits the whiteboard and with an obvious market eager to buy your app it’s kind of a ‘no-brainer’.

You see Candy Crush was one of the first match-three puzzle video game released back in 2012 for Facebook, and on November 14, 2012 for iOS and Android. Consumers loved its simplicity and addictive nature. And, by creating a social leader board and easy to share marketing platform it gave the platform the arena to grow easily and without a huge marketing spend.

So let’s take something from this:

1. A unique idea

Give yourself room to think.  Brainstorm an idea or multiple ideas.  Move on from one idea to the next, let the ideas flow and come back to your strongest suggestion.  Work on ideas within that idea and look to tick the boxes early.
2. Market demand

Test out the market with close friends and family.  Look to create testing groups who can provide honest feedback (families can sometimes be too close and offer non constructive positivity).  Focus groups and further brainstorming amongst carefully chosen demographics.  Brainstorm with them – it’s amazing what can come from your idea.
3. Low marketing costs re social audience

If the idea is good enough you should develop a marketing strategy that looks to social influencers to push your idea.  This is free and helps you reach a large audience.
4. Simple programming / build

The idea is simple and effective.  Maybe it’s an app for your business, restaurant, hotel and so on.  A way to engage with your customers and reach new audiences.
5. Exit Strategy

Develop an exit strategy early on.  Set the foundations and keep the business ‘sellable’ .  This means protect your IP, secure trademarks, make sure the company owns everything, make sure the business doesn’t rely too much on ‘you’.

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