#DogsatPollingStations on Election Day Thursday 8th June 2017

#DogsatPollingStations on Election Day Thursday 8th June 2017 image

With polling stations open until 10pm we look at the lighter side of this intense political campaign. Dogs at polling Stations are making their mark across the UK. Man’s best friend is not only welcome at the local pub, park or woodland walk, they are welcome at polling stations everywhere.

But wait, what is this? Some have adapted to making last minute political statements of their own.

Here is ‘Pip’ being very bold in her Labour statement. Thanks for turning out Pip!

Dogs at polling stations could become the norm as Twitter goes crazy over political pooches keen to share strong and stable leads with their owners by dragging them out to the polling stations.

It’s not a paw turnout by any means for these pooches so let’s hope we can encourage everyone across the UK to take their dog along. And, if you haven’t got a dog, borrow one from a neighbour perhaps? Either way voters have been out in serious numbers to make their mark on the ballot papers.

Here we have another great turnout. Voting for a small, medium or large party all votes count. This time Hagrid, Hermionie and Bertie…we take it Hagrid is the tall guy.

Check out Dasher the Guide Dog, helping his master to cast a vote…good dog Dasher!

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