Presidential Campaign Sees Donald Trump’s Hotel Bookings Plummet

Presidential Campaign Sees Donald Trump’s Hotel Bookings Plummet image

Despite making surprising headway in his race for presidency, republican candidate Donald Trump has seen bookings across his hotels crash since his controversial campaign began. According to travel data released by Hipmunk, bookings at the 69-year-old’s chain of plush hotels are down a whopping 59%.

The billionaire turned celebrity has seen some of his hotels suffer more than others, with his SoHo complex taking a huge 74 per cent drop in bookings. Trump’s campaign has certainly not been without its controversy. His stance on Muslims entering and leaving the US has undoubtedly split opinions across the country.

As expected, the number of bookings made by muslim guests across the Trump Hotel empire has taken a sharp decline. Ideas on banning Muslims from entering US territory until global tensions ease has, as expected, sparked controversy across the globe.

The outspoken businessman has attributed his unexpected success so far to his candid and no holds barred approach. He claims to be the first candidate in a long time to say what people are thinking. That approach, however refreshing he claims it to be politically, is clearly not a business savvy one. The forecast for his future hotel bookings don’t make for positive reading.

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