Don’t lose 29% in sales over Christmas

Don’t lose 29% in sales over Christmas image

Are your website and e-commerce platforms making the most of Black Friday and Christmas sales opportunities?

Research released from Visualsoft has indicated that e-retailers could be dramatically missing sales opportunities because of the poor performance of their website.

The report has uncovered that up to 54% of e-commerce websites chosen for the study had page speeds marked as poor with some web pages taking as much as ten seconds to load.

The slowest will undoubtedly lose traffic and more importantly sales as customers drop off the website as they won’t wait for the page to load. This causing a whopping 29% in lost potential customers.

Many consumers expect a website to load in under two seconds. And the research goes on to indicate that for every second of load time after that, there is a 20% drop off in traffic.

Mobile devices will drive 50% of this year’s Christmas and Black Friday online shopping, and with many major e-commerce platforms not being quick enough will lead to consumer frustration and missed sales for e-tailers.

So can smaller, e-commerce websites jump at the opportunity? Well, if the site is quick enough and you can reach your target audience over these peak times there is a real opportunity to capitalise.

“Many of our business cash advance customers run e-commerce platforms, and it’s good to see them investing to improve their online marketing strategy” Richard W. Co-Founder at MLA. “The websites that are implementing key metrics such as site load speed and mobile optimised e-commerce will win in the long term.” “Those who also utilise and increase their marketing spend to focus on key times such as Black Friday and Christmas could gain on sales and pick up future customers”.

“It’s crucial for retailers to maximise their high street shop window over these periods and e-retailers should be doing the same – if not more so”.

By having a fantastic user experience on your website will help repeat future sales.

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