Easter Business Retail Busyness

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It’s really one of the key benchmark’s in the retail year.  If you own a restaurant, cafe or let’s say for example an ice cream parlour the weather almost certainly plays a huge role in bottom line takings over the easter break.  We discussed seasonal ups and downs with an outdoor leisure and camping supplier who seemed to recognize that waiting for the footfall to arrive could be a risky game in retail.

So the obvious trick is this.  Alter your strategy or at least have a good back up plan rolling along in the wings of a damp squib weekend.  Try flipping the scenario on it’s head.  Push your advertising that little bit harder, think outside the box and the customers will be there.

Your past and existing customers are the easiest to sell to of course.  If you don’t collect customer information then today should be the day to start!  Dig out the database, put an easter offer on and get your message out there QUICK before the school holidays are over and folks return to work.

Easter Business Retail Busyness – Left it too late?

Maybe not.  If you do have customer opt in data you may like to send out an SMS text message informing them of the offer and the need to visit your premises.  Make it attractive and be ready to up sell.  SMS is a great way to inform your customers on the same day to get results FAST.  Take for example a restaurant and it’s looking poor on bookings tonight.  Get a deal on the go, maybe it’s the wine or free starter.  Brand it out as an Easter promo and BANG! the bookings will come in.

You can replicate offers across many retail storefronts.  Push the boundaries and offer REAL value, not just a free cup of tea, coffee or fruit juice whilst browsing our garden furniture.  Attract the whole family, keep the kids occupied whilst you can talk to the parents! This is a time to SELL, SELL, SELL.  So stop reading this and get a move on, there’s no time to waste,


The Easter Retail Bunny


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