Easy Marketing Tips for Business success in 2015

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It’s almost 2015 – here are some easy Marketing Tips for Business success in 2015.  Now is a great time to reflect on 2014 and work on areas of weakness within your business ready for the new year ahead.  Here with a few tips to help you on your quest for success in 2015.

Look at your long term Marketing strategy and ask yourself – Is my website performing?

Look at your website traffic, are you seeing more people visiting your website month on month?

If not then you may need to look at adding more blog entries and relevant content and news to your website.  By creating fresh new content not only will Google up score your organic rank but it will be shared with other like minded individuals and businesses through social media. Try to scope out a target for writing and publishing content as often as possible through your website – at least once a week perhaps for your blog entries.  Obviously make the content relevant to your business, your text should be around 400 – 600 words.

Easy Marketing Tips for Business success in 2015

There are two approaches for writing content.  One approach is to write content based on a target keyword. For example you are a restaurant in Liverpool.  A little digging around on Google’s Keyword Planner gives you a keyword target ‘sefton park food festival’ – Sefton being a borough of Merseyside.  This keyword phrase has monthly searches of 590 per month.  That’s 590 people actively looking for the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival in Sefton Park.  You could write content based on your experience of attending the event, include images or video, add your own take and include a speciality dish on your menu to commemorate the event which you guessed it links the reader through to your menu.

This approach is the same for ANY business.  Stories, content is all around you.  Don’t stop at the first hurdle when you will inevitably get writer’s block. Explore and think outside the box a little, the stories and relevant content is EVERYWHERE!  Some handy suggestions are trade shows, new services, offers, staff fundraising, industry news, share your experiences, how to’s etc (remember the internet is there to share knowledge not just to sell stuff!).

Social Media:

You’ve got your lovely piece of relevant content now SHARE it!!  This is also FREE to do. Simply use your heading as part of you tweet and make people want to click on your tweet – for example : “Sefton park #foodfestival – what we saw that made us cry!”  Your followers on Twitter will be curious to know what made you cry.  The article mentions a dish made from lots of chopped onions etc etc.  Your page of content links through to an offer designed around your social media strategy e.g. Free Wine for bookings.

Do the same on your Facebook page – share your content.  Use other social media channels to share your content.  Others readers will hopefully share your content even further expanding your audience therefore expanding your company’s brand and services to new potential customers.

In-between your own content posts try to re-share and re-tweet other non conflicting articles that remain relevant to your company. Again that’s what the internet is all about – sharing content.

Stick with blog writing and your social media strategy – it will pay off over time.  You should start seeing results from 3-6months so START NOW!

Is my website converting visitors to enquiries or sales leads?  

Now that you are INCREASING your daily traffic to your website you need to ask yourself if your site is converting your traffic into sales.  There are options to increase conversion here.  Create a ‘Call to Action’ area in the top third of your website.  Maybe it’s a sales message within a banner image i.e. Free wine this week (offer ends xxx).  Simply enter in your contact details into the form (Name, Contact Number and Email) for a call back.  Straightaway an opportunity to call the customer back and explain the deal further, encourage conversion, best still you now have them on your Active Database for monthly newsletters.  Which brings me to…

Your database:

Do you collect customer details / email addresses or telephone?  You should be.  You should set up newsletters or SMS campaigns to encourage re-engagement with your website and products / offers / services.  Remember it’s easier to sell to previous customers than it is to sell to new.  Try setting up a Mailchimp account for email or SMS broadcaster both easy to use and both very affordable to re-engage with your customers.

You could also think about BUILDING your database by contacting a data provider.  Ask them to profile data into your geographic area and demographic profile.  A good way to build a database.  Also try your local business development team at your local council.  They usually have an extensive list of all businesses in your county!!  FREE again!

Pay per click – PPC:

You can use an agency to help you here or go online and learn the basics.  Adwords have an array of online tutorial videos to help you. This can be a good way to see results QUICK.



Contact your local radio station and ask to speak with their sales team.  There are lots of ways to use radio – in many ways it’s not just adverts, you can sponsor events or quiz features, you can sponsor weather slots and more – even a signature sign off for one of their shows can help boost local awareness of your brand.

Newspaper / Magazine:

Do a story yourself!  Journalists on the whole are fairly open to running a story that has already been written by somebody else.  You can even try and include the photography yourself.  A piece in your local newspaper can beat a paid advert hands down and makes for a great piece for you to shout about on your back on your social media channel.  Simply photograph the article on your phone or iPad and tweet it out.  Topics that journalists warm to are things like charity fundraising, community projects, new employees, business growth etc.

If you do decide that 2015 is the year you’d like to grow your business and need to expand and push for new market share then we can help you with funding.  We are helping thousands of UK businesses daily with our own product which is called a business cash advance.  We’d also be delighted if you’d re-share our content with other business owners that you know to help them grow in 2015!

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