Easy ways to boost sales for your shop on the high street

Easy ways to boost sales for your shop on the high street image

If you are looking for ideas to increase sales there are some easy ways to boost sales for your shop on the high street.  Maybe you are a corner shop or convenience store, an off license, gift shop, sandwich shop, deli, bakers or butchers there are shared selling principles across them all.

Here are a few ideas that can help you increase sales and bottom line figures without over complicating things:

Go check out your competition.

It may of been some time since you last had a look at them.  Maybe they are in the same town or maybe they are in a neighboring town.  Either way make a list of the following and go check them out. Buy a scrapbook for this and pin your notes throughout as market research.

Ask a family member or friend to go into the shop and observe the layout and any offers, different products and unique selling points that maybe you are not offering. If they are feeling brave see if they can make some notes or better still grab some images.

Look to see if they are advertising locally.  Maybe in the local press or free magazine.  What are they saying differently to you?  Is there an opportunity to go one step further than them and offer a better deal?  Pin your findings with notes in your scrapbook.

Do they have a web presence.  Maybe they have a Yell listing or their own website.  If they do again observe their offerings and see if there is an opportunity for your business.  By having a good web presence with good customer testimonials you can bring credibility to your business.  Customers who read a good testimonial are far more inclined to shop with you.

Maybe you can offer your services online.  You don’t have to have a full blown e-commerce website built.  Potentially you can sell through websites such as Etsy or eBay and increase your awareness and sales that way too.

Ask your own customers for feedback.  You won’t believe how many customers will oblige and give you some great feedback.  Sometimes honesty can hurt but on the whole if there is any criticism it will more than likely be constructive.

Really easy ways to boost sales for your shop on the high street

Ask your other business neighbors to help promote each other’s business.  This is a great way to engage with other businesses on the high street to increase footfall.  A great example of this was a shop selling high end TV’s also promoted the local high street opticians.  You can watch TV in the most amazing definition but if your eyes aren’t quite so sharp, what’s the point ?

Look for new and inventive ways to interact with your customer.  Don’t be afraid to strike a deal and turn a browser into a buyer.  We spoke with one cycle shop owner who liked to give his customers chance to shop around and didn’t like ‘being pushy’.  Customers were checking out his stock, making sure the frame and bike wheel sizes were correct then ordering online.  Don’t let this customer go without offering them a deal they can’t refuse – you are competing with the internet !

Visit a market once in a while.  Look at how well market traders sell to customers walking past their stalls.  It’s raw but energetic and positive – just like business should be.  Engage with your customers, start talking and guide them to a sale!

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