Embrace Business Change in 2017

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2016 for many has been a year they’d like to put behind them. It has been a year of war, terrorism, many famous losses and big political change. It has seen the vote for the UK to leave the EU triggering a 2017 Brexit and it has seen a vote to elect in Donald Trump as the next US president. The beginning of 2017 will see that change implemented. We will see the trigger for full Brexit and Trump will become President, the markets will react to new policy and the world will see and abide by a new world order.

Scary stuff change, especially in the business world. Business ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ have got it wrong over the last year with their forecasts of market crashes, new recession and uncertain futures. In fact the markets reacted against that very grain. They dipped but bounced, they had a knee jerk reaction to ‘change’ but stood straight back up. This was the indication that consumers were prepared to back their voting rights confident with their spending after their votes had changed everything.

Construction increased and the property markets stayed strong. Shoppers bought more online than any other year to date, shoppers on the high street still went to the shops and bought more again year on year. Clearly 2016 had been a year of change and shock but it seems we are more immune to such shock and change than ever before. As a nation we are coming together supporting the high street businesses that we love, we are looking forward to new international trade agreements without refrain and our graduates should look forward to putting their skills to the test with the promise of plentiful jobs.

So if you are a business and have been holding back because of change try to remember that the world will constantly change, markets will change, opportunities will grow and tighten. It’s up to you to embrace change, move with the change and don’t let change hold you back. Push into 2017 with a positive attitude, grow your business and enjoy every minute. Together we can help you with your growth aspirations for the years ahead.

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