Facebook tips for a restaurant

Facebook tips for a restaurant image

Are you looking for Facebook tips for a restaurant?  Are you fully utilising the power of Facebook for your restaurant? Is there a secret formula to ‘getting it right’? Not really, as it’s not a secret. Posting content on Facebook that engages with your audience and adds value in the way of knowledge, humour and desire are sure-fire ways of increasing your audience and engagement towards your brand.

So what are the tips for making this successful for your restaurant?

As we all know we are living in a connected world. Everyone has a phone, even the kids. How often do you see families and couples scrolling through their phones whilst sitting at the table? Unless you’ve somehow banned phones from your restaurant for social reasons you should be maximising the advertising opportunity on each device at that table. How? Lots of people love to check in to your location, tag friends their with, comment on how they are feeling and generally photograph each course. One restaurant I went to recently had their logo branded onto the wooden service trays and slate plates. Purely as a way to broadcast their identity on each photograph taken and shared. That’s so easy and obvious, right?

Encourage a review on your Facebook page.

There’s no better way than politely asking customers to give a review on your Facebook page. Maybe through your menu or receipt. Either way, it’s a good way to promote your brand whilst encouraging positive feedback.

Post, post, post.

That’s it. Post away. There is content all around you, staff stories, hobbies, interests, new menu items, charity sponsorship events, social events, community projects and tie-ins, funny images, chef recipes, things to try at home (especially good for sharing), kitchen tips and tricks, cocktail ideas, seasonal ingredients, restaurant provenance, meeting the farmers and the veg dealers, traceability and so on. There is literally content everywhere, you just have to think differently and not try to overthink it.

Facebook tips for a restaurant using video

Utilise video especially live broadcasting. Talk about your business, what’s new, events and more. A video is a great way to engage in your audience. For example, why not ask your chef to do a live broadcast in the daytime? Maybe a recipe for the family. Encourage viewers to ask questions and engage with what’s going on. You could do this on a regular basis.

Facebook offers a great way to promote your restaurant business without running up large advertising bills. If a post starts getting traction, likes and comments, you may want to boost this post by adding a small budget to it. Clearly, it’s content that is working and engaging. Your post will have a much better chance of reaching a much larger audience for a small amount of budget.

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