Halloween Trick or Treaters go Contactless

Halloween Trick or Treaters go Contactless image

It may sound absurd, but yes, it’s true. Kids with their parents are taking to the streets in fancy dress, sweet bucket in hand and yes, mobile card payment terminals.

For those homeowners who just don’t have change or a packet or two of Haribo to hand, they can simply swipe the cheeky door knocker’s with their credit or debit card.

In 2016 over £460 million was spent by consumers preparing for Halloween – that works out at an average of £33.

But it’s not about the sweets anymore. Kids these days are after money, and they know many people don’t carry cash. They know that everyone has a card or two in their possession, so these savvy little monsters are tapping into the opportunity by taking doorstep card transactions.

Tap, Trick or Treat?

“Is contactless ok?” is shouted out by one seven-year-old dressed as a pumpkin, dad behind him grinning from ear to ear. It seems that the family had done quite well collecting in almost £40 via their mobile payment terminal that evening alone.

And, with Apple Pay and other mobile payments becoming more widely used in 2017 it would seem that households need to be ready with their responses if they are unwilling to part with their cash in this format.

We’re hoping that this doesn’t catch on of course. It would be such a shame for what has been a traditional event to be driven by a monetary outcome.

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