Hospitality Industry Aims To Increase Consumer Spending

Hospitality Industry Aims To Increase Consumer Spending image

According to a recent hospitality report the average price of a main course has been lowered across establishments in the UK.  The aim is to increase consumer spending by lowering the main dish but offering more starters, snacks and sides to customers.

The report has found that the number of snack dishes has risen by over 60% compared to years past and that side dishes has had a much smaller increase of just 1.1%.

This summer saw prices of main dishes drop to an average of £10.71 whilst the likes of hotels dropping their main prices by 4% to £14.67 whilst restaurants dropped their prices by 1.2% to £11.15.

On the other hand restaurant starter prices have seen a rise in prices in fact of over 8% to £5.09 and hotels raising their starter prices by 8.1% to £5.09.

Pubs on the other hand seemed to go the other way with starters being reduced in fact 12.5% cheaper with main courses increasing in price to an average of £9.81.

Hotels have also increased their desert prices in fact up 10% with restaurants up almost 2%.  Pubs pretty much stayed the same with just a slight average increase up 0.6%.

If you own a hotel, restaurant or pub we have compiled some marketing tips to help your business maximise your menu offering.  These are simple to follow guides that you can implement easily today with little or no expense.

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