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If you are a hotel owner you know the amount you spend on energy bills. Energy bills are one of a hotel’s major overheads. You will be spending thousands every month, but if you implemented some energy saving techniques you could immediately increase your revenue without having to increase sales. Not to mention the environmental advantages, by putting some effort into making a change in our energy consumption you will also increase your reputation as a business that cares. Your customers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental situation and so wasting energy is not in their interest, the planets interest and certainly not yours.

What Are Some Hotel Energy Solutions

First off heating, heating can account for up to 60% of your energy bill:

  • Something as simple as turning you’re heating down by 1 degree can save you up to 8% of your annual heating costs.
  • When replacing boilers it is best to go for the higher efficiency boilers to make greater savings.
  • If you install de-stratification fans, you can cut your energy use by 20%. These work best in places with warm air heaters and high ceilings, because they work by pushing heat down to the ground, where it is needed.

Ventilation is often the cause for much heat loss in commercial buildings, so despite ventilation being an important part of maintaining a fresh air flow and protection against damp it is important not to over-ventilate:

  • Invest in variable speed fans, these will slow down when necessary and will save you money on electricity as well as minimising heating and cooling costs.
  • Time settings will save you a lot, it is fairly self-explanatory, make sure things aren’t running when they don’t have to be.
  • Air Conditioning is a greedy one, it eats a lot of energy and money:
  • Be sure your air conditioning and heating aren’t fighting with each other.
  • Make use of variable speed drives, these stagger the output of your air conditioner and ensure you’re not using more that you need
  • Free cooling coils use the outside air to help cool your building, a cost effective and more natural way of maintaining the optimum temperature.
  • You should always keep a look out for the new technologies entering the energy market. Other money and energy saving techniques include changing your light bulbs to energy saving alternatives, steam ovens which conduct their heat through steam rather than just air and heat catcher systems in drains, which improves the way you can heat water. Energy bills needn’t be so high; there are constantly new inventions and techniques available to hotel owners that will save you a boatload! Just keep an eye out for them.

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