Increase your business Facebook audience

Increase your business Facebook audience image

Too many businesses are going about social in the wrong way. They have a website, tick; they have a business Facebook page, tick, they have an Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest account, tick. What next?

Well, here is where it usually goes wrong. Many businesses owners use social media to purely ‘sell’ their product or services. They are focusing too much on selling rather than adding creating valued content.

Put an end to ‘No Shows’ at your restaurant

How to increase your restaurant Facebook audience

Value comes in lots of forms. Content is what fills up our Facebook stream whether it’s emotive, funny, practical, informative, news, stories, images and so on. Users of social ‘aka your customers’ are using social to fill gaps of time in their life. Whether they are lying in bed, sitting on a bus or train, waiting in a reception room or checking their phones while the ad breaks appear on TV, social fills up gaps in their day. They want to find content that is relevant to them – a distraction. This is why content that is engaging, useful, emotive or funny works.

So how do you use social media to sell?

First of all, you need to build an audience which in turn creates awareness of your business. For example, a restaurant wants to build its online presence – many other businesses can use the same formula. Rather than send out offers and promotions on social media, they should engage with their target audience.

They could share some recipe tips to try at home and offer instructional days where people are invited to book onto a ‘how to cook X’ day at their restaurant.

On the day they could photograph, interview, document parts of that day, the funny moments, the proud moments, combine it into a mini-story or blog on the website, go Live on Facebook and share the content in small parts.

Making sure the restaurant has free wifi so that customers can use logon, take photos and share their experience easily. We’ve seen restaurants subtly adding their brand to slate plates, wooden serving trays and other tableware so that photographs on social automatically have an excellent chance to carry the business name.

Fill your pub or restaurant in January and February

Social is about giving and sharing information, sneak peeks into your world, offering real value to the end-user so that they will think others would benefit from the content sharing to their audience – expanding your brand ‘reach’.

Photographing latest menu additions

Selling is the end game. Once you have your audience who is engaged with your brand you can create calendar events on Facebook, offer incentive evenings and other bespoke functions that generate awareness of your business in the run-up to it. Put out the odd post amongst your other posts that ‘sell’ an offer or promotion. Don’t overkill on this as you will lose engagement and possible followers in their droves.

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