Is your business ‘killing it’ on social media?

Is your business ‘killing it’ on social media? image

Small businesses and startup entrepreneurs are amidst the new digital industrial revolution.  The online digital revolution. It’s an exciting space, a place where you can explore, create and execute business ideas, a place where you can interact with future customers to help with the development process of your idea.  A place where social sharing can trigger your ideas in new directions across the globe in hours.

You can present your ideas infant of ‘the crowd’ where individual investors will part with small amounts of money to invest in your quest.  Not only does this help raise finance for your idea but it creates awareness of your idea at the same time.

If you enjoy marketing then online offers the exact methods of marketing that prove through analytical reporting that your campaign has worked or flopped.  Gone are the days of placing an advert in a magazine or newspaper and hoping that you receive awareness and enquiries.  You can test each method in a bid to find your sweet spot.  It maybe an exact channel that works for you such as email marketing or PPC (pay per click) or a combination of all.  Either way, you can test the water without spending too much money.

You can go one step further than creating a web presence via a website or e-commerce website.  Maybe you can explore the app market too.  It’s a huge, fast growing marketplace with data at the centre of it all.  Most companies who create apps create them to harness user data.  Whether that is pure customer data or far-reaching access into geo-location data capture there is a reason why it’s so important.

Customer data is king.  Even for a small business, you need to know your customer – inside out.  By creating the spin off products and services that you can upsell to your existing customer through digital marketing you can increase sales if you do it right.

There are now so many social media platforms that you can target your exact customer.  From the main Facebook, Twitter and Youtube platforms there is a whole host of others too.  Check out Periscope, Snapchat, Reddit, Vine, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn, Classmates, VK, Google+ to get you started.  Put the time in to understand each one and experiment to find which one works best for you.

And, when you are ready to fund your project, service, product or new business idea look towards a cash advance or crowdfunding website – ideal to help your business raise the capital it needs quickly.

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