?Looking To Grow Your Business In 2017? ?

?Looking To Grow Your Business In 2017? ? image

‪Looking to grow your business in 2017? There has never been a better time to lock in the funding your business requires. With the ever increasing timeframe of full Brexit businesses are taking advantage of the current economic climate.‬

‪The uncertainty of balance of trade and the slightly weaker pound with the threat of inflation is starting to put a squeeze on the UK economy. This will increase before the situation stabilises. The hospitality and retail sector have remained so far unaffected, in fact the sectors have produced good figures for the last quarter of the year.‬

Looking to grow your business in 2017? You have timed it right.‬

‪We are seeing many small businesses and SME’s applying for unsecured business finance ready to drive their business forward in the new year. December is a very good time to apply with most lenders as it is a fairly quiet period for them. ‬

‪They typically have a monthly budget which they like to deliver out to businesses. So, when there are less applications coming in they tend to have a higher percentage of converted deals based on the number of applications.‬

‪As a business owner it maybe a great time to at least see if you qualify for a business cash advance for your business. This type of unsecured business finance is seeing month on month growth in the UK with hundreds of businesses that use merchant payment terminals taking this type of funding. Apply today to see if you qualify for funding ready for 2017. We are here to help your business grow‬.

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