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Many people always have a fear or reservation for exploring a business opportunity that is close to their heart, preferring to ‘stay safe’ with what they know even though it is not fulfilling their life’s ambitions.

Even some business startup’s concentrate on business opportunities that they are not passionate about because the ‘other’ idea could probably offer a greater return. Maybe you should investigate your passion in life, can it become a business opportunity and offer both financial and be soul rewarding?

Take for example this 1970’s startup business from Los Angeles. Four hippy friends started ‘Follow your Heart’ a Vegan food company from their small cafe at the back of a Veg market. The business was built around idealistic core values of compassion, environmental, vegetarian and profit, values that were true to them then as they are to this day.

The difference between then and now is volume of sales ‘Follow your Heart’ now makes and distributes millions of jars of Veganaise, an egg-free mayonnaise substitute along with many other vegan products. ‘Follow your Heart’ is expected to turnover between £32 million and £40 million this coming financial year.

Bob Goldberg, CEO and Co-Founder of ‘Follow your Heart’ quotes

“There’s been a lot of interest from investors,” adding that he has never been tempted to accept outside money to grow faster.

“It’s very difficult for companies to grow and maintain their values. And I’m very focused on that”.

There is a valuable lesson for all entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Explore the possibilities of creating a business that means something to you in the first place. Not a business that you think will tick the box for others. If you explore the options and figure out a way to make the business work then you too should ‘Follow your Heart’ in business.

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