Marketing and promotion for World Cup fever

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It’s that time again, once every four years the biggest competition in Football takes centre stage. From the 14th of June to the 15th of July the World Cup in Russia will be the hot topic of conversation everywhere.

Pubs will be packed out for each game especially the home nations team England. So how can your business maximise the opportunity that is the World Cup without upsetting FIFA and their incredibly strict license rules?

Beware of FIFA’s strict licensing laws

Well, you need to be ultra-sensitive to FIFA’s licensing laws. For example, you can’t simply use their logos in your own promotional material, you can’t say ‘World Cup’ in any literature, you can’t use any of their licensed images for any marketing activity without their consent – and probable hefty license price tag.

So how do you tap into the buzz of the World Cup without running into issues?

The game of football has many, many terms and phrases that are obviously fine to use. There are many images of football, backgrounds, images, pitches, players, models, balls, bunting, flags, shirts. A great place for many of these images is Shutterstock – you’ll find they offer royalty free stock images which are all fine to use! None of these images should show or promote any brand protected FIFA image so you should be safe (always check though!).

There are thirty-two countries who have qualified for the World Cup. If you are a restaurant or Pub you can have a great time with menu ideas to reflect the games being played. Spanish night? German sausage and beer night? The ideas are endless.

If you are a cafe why not make cakes or biscuits with the National team colours? Bunting and balloons around your venue is a quick and easy way to jump into the carnival atmosphere of the World Cup.

If your business is online why not think about giving your website a football theme for the duration? Whatever you do make sure your business is doing something around the World Cup. Whether you go for a small nod towards it or you go all in this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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