Marketing Tips For Your Beauty Salon

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Image is undoubtedly everything when it comes to your beauty salon. Not only do you transform your clients image under the hour but you should be doing it in an environment that gives the right impression too.

You may be starting out or you may already be an established beauty salon, either way it is crucial that you set the right tone and brand for your establishment. This is important for many reasons. Clearly you want your customers to choose your business over the competition. Try doing a little market research around the vicinity of say five miles. If it’s too obvious ask a friend to go in and take some undercover snaps or make mental notes of the styling, decor and service on offer.

By understanding who you are up against you can make sure that you are ‘the’ business in the area which is setting the high bar.

Another reason is price point. Not only do you offer a great service but the whole experience is important to reflect the price point of your service. You’d be surprised at the willingness of customers to pay a little more in an establishment that is well deserved of the price. Retailers have been doing this for years, their brands being sometimes fairly ordinary but packaged well to deem a higher price point in the marketplace.

Look carefully at your brand identity and how you are portrayed by your customers. Ask for some honest feedback from your customers. By upgrading your brand identity by a professional graphic designer you can increase the statement of your business literally overnight.

If you don’t do it enough you should market more on social media. I’m not just talking about the usual Facebook and Twitter route. Yes, they are very important in their own right but there are others with a whole different audience. Take a look at Snapchat (usually an audience from 13 – 21 years), embrace the platform and learn as much as you can about it. Look at Pinterest and Instagram to show off your creations, nail treatments, skin care, hair styles and more. Using social media effectively will not only create awareness of your business but it will introduce you to a whole new audience who in turn could become your next customer.

If you are struggling for original content try to remember that social media is not a place to ‘sell’ your business. Use social media to ‘give’. Give advice on beauty, give beauty tips for a quick makeover, tips for looking great when you a in a rush, a Friday night makeover and so on. Run a Youtube channel and promote the content via your social media accounts.

Social media is all about sharing content, advice, storytelling, it’s not the place to sell directly. The sell will happen because people (your future customers) will engage with you and trust your opinion. They will relate your online messages to your high street presence. Always engage with other social media accounts, stories and trends, blend this into the mix and you will have a rich amount of original content to keep a presence online. Keep on it and give it a full 12 months work, it will pay dividends for your business and will become something you won’t want to live without.

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