Are You Maximising Your Business Christmas Marketing?

Are You Maximising Your Business Christmas Marketing? image

Is your business maximising the potential sales revenue around Christmas? If you feel you could be doing more then you are probably right. Each year there are more ways to engage with your customers and audiences around the festive marketing drive. Online there has never been a more buoyant time in consumer spending with the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickstarting the sales bonanza at the perfect time before Christmas.

Small Business Saturday is another UK incentive to drive consumers onto the high street and help prop up local retail spending. Great for businesses up and down the country looking for impact on their bottom line in the weeks before Christmas.

With these recent trending additions both online and offline retail sales figures have helped boost spending. So in the light of positive opportunities across this period the question remains, are you maximising your business Christmas marketing?

You maybe a small retail store front on your local high street or an e-commerce store or larger SME retail, restaurant or hotel the same principles exist. Engage with your audience when they are in buying mode. Christmas is certainly the time for buying.

Try to understand where they are. For example this weekend I visited a Christmas Food fayre nestled away in the Welsh Hills. Many local artisan food suppliers who feature throughout the year at all regional food festivals.

Amongst them we bumped into a local restaurant who had two retro style vans offering small samples off their menu. Being a local seafood restaurant they were pushing out mussels and squid with fries along with their own line branded seafood sauces.

Taking their existing ranges and turning them into Christmas hampers. A great way to increase brand awareness for the restaurant, it’s produce and direct products. Investigating them closer I found they had a calendar that had a fairly busy Christmas planned out.

Unlike many other restaurants where there is simply a Christmas menu they have an assortment of Christmas themed nights. From carol singers, Christmas Jazz evening, Christmas cookie demos and more. It’s a lesson for lots of businesses to think outside of the box.

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