May weather puts a chill on retail spend

May weather puts a chill on retail spend image

May weather puts a chill on retail spend – and that’s got nothing to do with boxing – boom,boom…

In fact it’s equally a flooring right hook to discover that unseasonal dip in temperatures have left the UK retail figures a little ‘out cold’.  This was especially apparent in the fashion, clothing and shoes categories…

However the good news is that the figures demonstrate strong sales in the furniture market, this being due to healthy sales in the property market.

Easter 2015 figures were also distorted due to odd dates – so the first half of 2015 has been a little bruising.

“With Easter distortions behind us, May’s retail sales figures were disappointingly flat,” said KPMG’s David McCorquodale.

“Buoyed by a conclusive result in May’s general election, the housing market picked up, leading to stand out performances for furniture and homeware sales. Elsewhere, footwear and fashion sales wilted against strong performances last year as consumers put off the summer wardrobe refresh as they waited for the unseasonably cool May weather to improve. Many retailers stretched out summer sales events and deepened discounts in order to try and entice consumers through the door.”

Retailer’s can be affected by the weather in a considerable way – and we’re not just talking about ice cream parlors.  Thinking outside the box and having a back up plan to increase retail sales when the weather turns bad is the ace which should be under your sleeve.

Put some time aside to plan your marketing activity based on weather conditions.  By staying in control in situations that are ‘out of our control’ is one of the most important challenges for any business owner.

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