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The restaurant aptly named British Colonial Co. which opened it’s doors in Brisbane in July 2016 has said in a statement that it wanted to celebrate the ‘stylish days of the British Empire’.

The restaurant maybe receiving a high level of scrutiny at the moment and mentioned that they are ‘saddened’ by such reports but one thing you can be sure of is the media coverage has become more powerful than any marketing budget could reach with the story spanning multiple continents across many news organisations. The web typically embraces such as story and adds awareness to the story in turn adding awareness in the longer term to the brand.

The restaurant states that they are ‘very proud of our brand, dining experience and the loyal clientele we have established’. The marketing message which has now been pulled pushed the brand message ‘celebrating the empirical push into the developing countries of the world’.

Any business especially a restaurant shouldn’t have the intention to provoke any racial undertones and glorification of colonization.

Could it be that if this were the case then politically there could be many other restaurants where even menu recipes could be traced to colonization?