“There is no easier customer to sell to than a previous customer”

“There is no easier customer to sell to than a previous customer” image

This is very true in many cases. The trick is finding a non-intrusive way to re-engage with your customer perhaps long after their last purchase with you. Let’s look at a typical case study – this scenario could lend itself to many different types of business.

A small hotel looking to increase bookings. Compile your database from previous customers opt-in detail. Now, create a loyalty offer for your past customer – maybe it’s a reduced rate stay or a wine offer with an evening meal, perhaps it’s the third-night free stay and so on. Brainstorm ideas with your staff and even customers to come up with ideas. Whatever you can comfortably offer then create an offer which you can either email or send via SMS to maybe a dedicated page on your website.

You should be able to track open rates, who from your list opened the email and who clicked through to the offer. From your web analytics and perhaps a dedicated offer form or code on your website page you should be able to track how successful your campaign worked out.

A good piece of software for your e-mailing and list building is MailChimp. They have some basic packages that are free to use and will get you going. They take care of customers who choose to opt out of future marketing and they display all the data you need to assess your campaign.

Generally, you will find that marketing to your past customer / existing customers will have a much better open rate and overall success compared to targeting new customers via new data lists that are offered to purchase.

New data can be very tricky to convert into sales and this takes patience and lot’s of analytical management to see what works. Your own data, on the other hand, should yield much better results.

You can also SMS a message to your customers too especially if they have opted in by giving you their mobile phone number in the past. Again you create and upload your list to an SMS sender or SMS marketing company such as TextLocal, compile your call to action – this could be in the form of a link to your website i.e. booking page etc and try an SMS send.

Make the message friendly and appealing with a clear call to action. The software allows you to specify an area for the first name too so for each message that sends out you can automatically personalise your message from your database.

Generally, an SMS message will have better results than email too so you can expect a good return if you create the right offer, delivered at the right time to the right audience. Remember to check with data legislation that you do have the right consent to send messages and if you do then you are good to go.

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