Online Retailer v High Street in May June

Online Retailer v High Street in May June image

The Online Retailer v High Street Sales in May / June.

With online retail sales showing a growth in May of 17%, June is also a month that is showing promising results so far.  It’s a fact that when we have sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon and so on, online sales rise.  Combine this with good weather and ‘bingo’, great sales for the online retailer.

The summer of sport that hits our TV acts almost as a double edged sword.  On one hand there are more sales associated with the sport directly, fashion items such as football merchandise and food and beverage sales increase as brand managers use the events image to hit  the right notes with consumers and promote their offers directly.

So is the online retailer edging the sales?

On the other side of the sword we have the population who ‘turn off’ to the events on our television screens to go online and shop till they drop.  Sales in the outdoor garden market increase with patio furniture and alfresco dining taking the lead.  Holiday items such as a new summer wardrobe for fun in the sun not only for the adults but for the kids who have grown out of last years range.

The footfall directly on our high streets is down this month with people preferring to sit at home and watch the TV and shop online.  So how can you cash in on the sporting summer ahead?  If you are not actively marketing around this time then you should use this time to gather market information from your competitors so you are ready for the next season.

Think outside the box when it comes to planning your seasonal marketing strategy.  You don’t have to employ an agency as such, just use your head a little and the rewards for an online retailer or conventional high street retailer will be easy to see.


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