Pokémon Go rakes in the business for Chester Zoo

Pokémon Go rakes in the business for Chester Zoo image

Visitors at Chester Zoo are now offering 125 acres filled with Pokémon Go characters, Pokemon Gyms, PokeStops and more spread over the entire site.

The irony is that Chester Zoo also boasts over 20,000 animals and circa 500 species to also help keep visitors entertained and this is just the point. Chester Zoo have picked up on the opportunity of the Pokemon phenomenon to bring in new visitors and increase footfall for the zoo. As a business they knew that the opportunity was too good to miss.

Using methods promote areas of the zoo such as the zoo’s aquarium with the likes of ‘Goldenees’, ‘Magikarps’ and ‘Larpas’ is a good example of how embracing a trending technology to increase footfall for your business.

By offering a full jam-packed Pokemon park Chester Zoo have accomplished more awareness through reaching a new audience, engaging with that audience via social media and online advertising, drawing in that audience onto the park and creating a social media word of mouth buzz from people who have been.

There is a great lesson for all businesses here. It’s about looking for the trends, embracing and engaging with that audience to create awareness for your business. This can be anything from sporting events, technology, storytelling and more.

The truth is that content is all around us all the time. If businesses embrace such opportunities they will find that they can can add real value to their marketing spend. In fact if executed properly business owners may find that they will have ‘the’ biggest impact for the least amount of marketing cost.

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