Six key points to increase sales for small business owners

Six key points to increase sales for small business owners image

A business man once described his business like a car journey that he fuels every single day ‘driving around in circles and getting by’.  The trick is to take some time to decide on your business destination or to re-evaluate the business destination and how you are going to get there and how long you think it should realistically take.  Whether your destination is a business that gives you a daily lifestyle fulfilling career or are you looking to grow and exit / sell the business in 3-5 years. There are ways to get there and be successful day to day, week to week, quarter to quarter, year to year. I have compiled Six key points to increase sales for small business owners and they are relatively easy and economical to implement.

I get a lot of entrepreneurs and start up owners asking me “How do I increase sales revenue and keep growth consistent?

There are many parts to the magic mix.  There is networking, prospecting, social networking, establishing a track record, conducting productive meetings which lead to sales and of course being very good at what you do.

Six key points to increase sales for small business owners

It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you!

  • 1. Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve and what your customer thinks of your service.  Be HONEST and ask them for the bad and good points.  The truth may hurt at first, remember customers can easily find the bad points.


  • 2. Implement procedures to work on the bad points.  Acknowledge the good points and keep at it.


  • 3. If you’re not already doing it push yourself harder online.  Social media is a great voice for your business.  For example a restaurant was struggling for social media content on Twitter and Facebook.  By letting their chef’s loose on their twitter account they were tweeting images of their daily dishes, local food provenance, daily specials, front of house special occasions and so on.  There was literally tons of content sitting right there – so ‘empower your staff’ !!! Get them involved and give your business a voice.


  • 4. Keep your website fresh with news and blog content.  If you can’t do it yourself get somebody else to.  This is so important for your business.  Letting people know what you are doing, working on, new lines for a retail outlet, new hair styles for a hairdressing or beauty salon and so on.  If you haven’t got the time empower an employee or junior graduate with some employment funding (yes it’s out there), give it a six month trial period and you will start seeing real results.


  • 5. Utilise the local media for offline marketing.  This doesn’t mean taking out a paid advertising schedule.  Produce a story for your business in your area, your business growth and so on.  Write the article, create the photography yourself and submit it to the newspaper editorial team. They LOVE this as you are providing them with content and as they are a fairly lazy bunch (sorry journalists) Giving them the content is a fantastic opportunity, and, with a little tweaking it may hit the press without paying a penny.  A gastro pub owner produced such an article themselves and submitted it to two magazines – both were printed and the magazines invited over to produce a review thereafter.


  • 6.  Rebrand if you need to. Talk to us on this one as we can help and put you in touch with the right people for the job.  Remember that most companies have an identity and not a brand.  A brand is a visual image of what your customer think about your business.  You start with an identity and you earn your brand.  By keeping up high standards of customer service and great products over time you will develop and earn your brand reputation.  Rebranding is as much about re thinking your customer service and product lines as much as it is about creating fantastic graphics for your company image.

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