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New proposals put forward in a form of a small business enterprise employment bill which aim to give SME businesses easier and a fair chance to compete for £230 billion worth of public contracts has been announced.

There has also been a bill passed which makes large corporate companies pay small businesses on time for the work the produce.

“Countries rise when their people rise. So this Queen’s Speech is unashamedly pro-work, pro-business and pro-aspiration.” David Cameron said

The government supports small business enterprise employment funding

The economy is at an all time 10 year high, retailers are in a positive place with consumer spend increasing year on year.  Manufacturing and housing are up and forecasters are confident it will stay that way.

Keeping the country’s businesses manufacturing, exporting, developing, selling, buying, trading, innovating at a time when there seems to be new hope on the horizon. It’s almost a business awakening from the depths of despair over the last 10 years.  We should embrace the future and back our generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We should embrace new ways to fund small business enterprise and employment through alternative funding sources.

Recently George Osborne announced measures to force the hand of the high street banks to refer decline customers to alternative funding sources such as business cash advance products and startup funding through crowdfunding.

It’s in all our interests that small business enterprise employment strategies think outside the mainstream funding box and embrace the new financial products we have at our disposal.

We caught up with business owners today who responded well to today’s speech.

“We’ve always had a battle to pitch for business, investing in resource, time and money to go through biblical procurement procedures only to find we’re pitching against 5 or 6 other local small businesses all having to do the same.  It’s not fair on any of us – I wouldn’t like to think about the total costs for all business involved.  I think cutting the procurement red tape has been a long time coming.”  Mike Jones

“As a small business the large corporates know they have us under the thumb, sure we want the business but 90 plus days and chasing down accounts costs us big time”….”Glad this has been looked at”  G Holland

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