Sport and business are a great combination

Sport and business are a great combination image

Sport and business are a great combination if you are lucky enough to be involved with both you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Business owners and entrepreneurs share a common gene with the sportsperson mentality.  The eagerness to perform at their very best, their desire to be the best amongst their peers, to tactically, physically and mentally keep out manoeuvring the competition and to rise above all to be the best in class.

For companies with a team it can be critical that they are lead by a strong captain and manager.  For the team to all be on board with the company direction it is crucial that they each know their exact positions in the team and what their input brings to the business.

It’s important for the business to have a goal, a destination to reach and a clear pathway to reaching that goal.  For each and every member of the team to fully understand their role and in turn reach that company goal.

Sport and business are a great combination

For individuals without a team around them such as entrepreneurs who are in the early days of a new business venture it can certainly help if the ambitious, competitive gene is already organically programmed into their mentality.  Others can do it but need to work harder with the self determination and goal setting required to make the venture a success.  Having a sports background or sport hobby which coincides with running a business is a defining asset. The truth is however that not everybody has the time to do both especially if there are other commitments in their lives.

It is so important that business owners have a release both mentally and physically.  Maybe you are reading this and thinking that you should get back into or do more of the hobby you love.  You are right – you should.  Having a balance of exercise and mental release helps you think more clearly, reduces blood pressure, oxygenates your brain and stimulates your senses.  You maybe be feeling worn out, physically and mentally drained after a long day but after some simple exercise you feel rejuvenated and ready for the next challenge.

If like me you don’t like going to the gym there are lots of sport activities that you can join in.  Sport helps to pre occupy my mind away from the fact I’m exercising and offers something different to try to better myself in.  It also acts as a great social and business networking event all rolled into one.

So if you haven’t played your sport for a few years or you’d like to try something new then simply just make time.  A couple of hours a week is all it takes and it will help invigorate your business and personal life.

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