Top Twitter Tips for Restaurant Owners

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So you are running your own restaurant and more than likely wearing many hats at the same time and if you’re not then you will surely have a good handle on the activities of your establishment.

Take marketing for example, a lot has changed in the last ten years.  You may be finding you are spending less money on magazine or newspaper advertising and more time on social media.  Why is this?  Is it just about the cost or is it because you can see the results from online marketing in an almost tangible way?

You may be using Twitter and Facebook but are you using social media effectively for your business?

Here with our Top Twitter Tips for Restaurant Owners:

Engage with your community.

If something is happening then it’s happening on Twitter too.  As long as the  event is non-conflicting with your business there is no harm in diving into the conversation and getting invlolved.

This is where Hashtags come in. Hashtags are used to make a searchable reference to the topic within Twitter land.  Events or news can ‘trend’ with these hashtags.  If there is a trending hashtag then you know there is considerable interest in this social share and conversation topic.  Try to engage by including the hashtag in your Tweet.

You may gain new followers easily just by including the hashtag in your comment.

Don’t hard sell on Twitter.
Try not to ‘hard sell’ on Twitter. Twitter is not really a place where people go to buy things so they don’t really want too much selling on their thread. The odd restaurant promotion here and there will be tolerable and in some cases if done correctly will engage your audience.  Remember it’s an audience – NOT customers ….yet!

By engaging with your audience you build brand awareness without trying too hard.  People will become familiar with your brand and when the time is right they will remember you!

Give and get involved.
Always give, be open, offer conversation, advice perhaps and keep your business tone light. As part of the giving of information freely (which is what the internet was originally designed for) you could consider offering cooking advice straight from your head chef, recipie ideas, dinner party ideas, best wines for differing dishes – you get it, get involved by GIVING!

Interact with your suppliers on Twitter.

Why not?

There’s nothing better than a restaurant interacting with a farm shop discussing local produce?  It’s a confident message.

Food shows and local events. 

The people attending these local shows are your customers. The CARE about food and how it gets to your plate.  Get involved here.  Find out from your loacl Council’s business development unit for any events happening in your area and attend (more so attend on TWITTER!!)

Reach out to local ‘influencers’.

These are people who have a large following. For example “Looking forward to the #Foodfestival this weekend in #MarketSquare @Councillorjones #supportourfarmers” May just get you a re-tweet as your message is informative and has a message that the councilor may like the sound of and then re-tweets this to 25,000 of his or her followers.

Leave the politics out.

Don’t participate in any negative news, politics or sport unless you really know what you are doing.  You have been warned.  Remember this is your business voice and NOT your own personal platform to share your personal views.  The two should not meet as a rule.

Hashtag your Hashbrowns

To find relevant hashtags, look at the trending list on the left of your profile or check out what your competitors are tweeting. Find out what’s going on in advance, write a blog or news story on your website and Tweet it out.  A little bit like the way I have with this post 😉

Last but not least the best Restaurant Twitter tip I can give… 

I recently visited a restaurant where the food was delivered in wooden trays.  On the side of the wooden trays was the restaurant name and logo – almost as a stamp effect. It was also subtly printed onto paper too.  It looked cool and contemporary, however there is a subtle genius at work here.  My friend and her kids photographed each dish that was presented in front of them and immediately took to social media, posting up their food onto Facebook and Twitter.  Crazy as it sounds there were lots of other people on other tables doing exactly the same thing.  Make sure you have easy to access public wifi in your restaurant, offer the password or maybe print it on the menu and let people ‘check in’ on Facebook, broadcast your wares with that ever important brand identity out to their friends online! Boom…

Hope you enjoyed the Twitter tips, I will be posting more soon so keep checking back and feel free to tweet me too!

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