Towbar Fitting and Trailer Centre Business Loan

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Whether you are looking to grow your towbar fitting and trailer centre or may need some cash flow finance, we can help with a merchant cash advance. Suppose you make sales via a PDQ merchant terminal and turnover more than £2500 per month on credit and debit card customer sales. In that case, you stand a very good chance of qualifying for a towbar fitting and trailer centre business loan via a cash advance.

Your business probably operates a merchant card terminal for sales. Many towbar fitters do, and we have helped many find the unsecured business finance they need. Yes, we offer an unsecured business loan for your trailer centre. This form of alternative funding has helped many businesses in the UK with many areas of their business.

Maybe you are looking to invest in new equipment, or you may have already looked at asset finance or other forms of secured business funding. This may leave you with the associated risk of your assets being used as security against the loan.

Maybe you are looking to refurbish your Towbar shop and need new floor space in the form of expanding your premises, or maybe you need cashflow finance – it really doesn’t matter what you need the finance for. If you process credit and debit card payments from your customers, you stand a good chance to qualify for a business cash advance.

This type of loan product is still relatively new to many UK companies, but we have helped many towbar and trailer businesses find the funding they need. The loan is repaid on the future card sales you make. So if you sell more towbars in a month, you will be paying off the loan quicker, and on the other hand, if you have a poor month on sales, you pay back less.

This obviously takes the pressure off fixed monthly repayments that you may find with other business loan products. There are no hidden fees, charges or penalties waiting to surprise you. It’s backed by the UK government, and the British Business Bank has invested heavily in the product. Apply today to get a quick no obligation quote.

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