Is The Trump Win Good For UK Business?

Is The Trump Win Good For UK Business? image

Well it’s still too early to say but there have been early indications that suggest that there could be cohesion between the new president elect and the UK for potential trade deals.

Remember when Obama suggested that the UK would be ‘last in line’ when it comes to trade deals, after Asia and Europe? Well, the Trump win has similarities with Brexit in fact in his word ‘Brexit times ten’.

Teresa May has been quick to reaffirm the special trade relationship with the USA and aligned the party swiftly with the future president of the United States of America.

Initially after the win was announced the markets took a knee jerk drop reaction but then swiftly recovered. In fact some of the key sectors are presenting an upsurge in value. Hike and Shire a large drugs producer in London was up 7% due to the fact that Clinton was looking to rein in on medical prices.

So is the Trump win good for UK business?

BAE systems was initially up 3.3%. This would suggest that we may be entering a higher level of geo political tensions. BAE of course makes security components, cyber-security systems and so on.

This is still early days – as I write this small article we are still at the dawn of a new political era. So is the Trump win good for UK business? Well, we will have to wait and see. The good news is that the markets have remained unaffected so far and there will be a very commercially savvy business man in charge at the White House.

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