‘UK Hotels’ search term spikes in US and China following Brexit

‘UK Hotels’ search term spikes in US and China following Brexit image

Britain’s recent exit of the EU and the subsequent drop in the value of the pound has led to an increase in online searches for ‘UK Hotels’, it’s been revealed. The data comes from TravelZoo, who noticed the spike from its users in the US and China.

The unexpected vote caused a great deal of economic insecurity across the UK, forcing the pound’s value to drop to levels not seen since the mid-eighties. Those across the Atlantic and further afield in China are clearly seeing this as a great opportunity to take advantage of the weakened pound.

It’s too early to say whether this surge in searches will result in an increase in actual hotel bookings, but we’d be surprised if there weren’t. In an age of instant information, many financial-savvy travelers base their holiday booking dates around up-to-the-second currency values. A drop of this magnitude can save a traveler a considerable amount of money, so its no surprise many fancying a trip to Blighty made their move last week.

Are you a hotelier or B&B owner in the UK? Let us know if you have seen an increase in bookings since the historic vote.

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