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Restaurants on the whole across the UK are potentially missing out when it comes to their vegetarian menu options. Around a quarter of people in the UK are identifying themselves as ‘Meet reducers’ – (someone actively trying to reduce their intake of meat in their diet).

Otherwise known as ‘flexitarians‘ these are a growing group of consumers who feel that restaurants are not doing enough to for their needs. This group has grown to 1 in 5 across the UK, and the numbers are increasing. Almost 75% of this audience has stated that they actively avoid restaurants if they don’t have plenty of vegetarian choices on the menu.

There is a significant demand for more veg and less meat amongst UK consumers due to the health benefits associated with a healthier lifestyle and the environmental issues that follow meat farming.

“The eating-out-of-home sector plays a critical role in making delicious tasty dishes full of vegetables as accessible as possible and enabling people to achieve their health-related and environmental goals.” Anna Taylor, The Food Foundation, CEO.

A recent study by start-up company ‘More than Carrots‘ has found that out of ten restaurants who featured in the 2018 National Restaurant Awards only five had veggie dishes on their a la carte menu.

So could your restaurant do more to attract these customers by implementing a more extensive selection of veggie options?

Why not review your menu with your head chef and look at options as a trial. You could also offer theme nights or look to launch menu alternatives on a quieter evening such as a Monday or Tuesday. Have a look at our article on how to boost restaurant bookings on a Monday and Tuesday – a good opportunity to try out new vegetarian options. And don’t forget to fully utilise social media for promotion and feedback for such events and menu changes.