Are UK Restaurants missing out on the vegetarian market?

Are UK Restaurants missing out on the vegetarian market? image

In 2020 the number of UK consumers who are turning to a plant-based diet is increasing at an incredible rate, as more and more people are choosing to go vegan. According to a recent survey by, the number of UK vegans is set to increase by 327% by 2020.

So are some restaurants across the UK potentially still missing out when it comes to their vegetarian menu options? Around a quarter of people in the UK are identifying themselves as ‘Meet reducers’ – (someone actively trying to reduce their intake of meat in their diet).

Otherwise known as ‘flexitarians‘ these are a growing group of consumers who feel that restaurants are not doing enough to for their needs. This group has grown to 1 in 5 across the UK, and the numbers are increasing. Almost 75% of this audience has stated that they actively avoid restaurants if they don’t have plenty of vegetarian choices on the menu.

There is a significant demand for more vegetarian options and less meat amongst UK consumers due to the health benefits associated with a healthier lifestyle and the environmental issues that follow meat farming.

“The eating-out-of-home sector plays a critical role in making delicious tasty dishes full of vegetables as accessible as possible and enabling people to achieve their health-related and environmental goals.” Anna Taylor, The Food Foundation, CEO.

A recent study by start-up company ‘More than Carrots‘ has found that out of ten restaurants who featured in the National Restaurant Awards only five had veggie dishes on their a la carte menu.

So could your restaurant do more to attract these customers by implementing a more extensive selection of veggie options?

Why not review your menu with your head chef and look at options as a trial. You could also offer theme nights or look to launch menu alternatives on a quieter evening such as a Monday or Tuesday. Have a look at our article on how to boost restaurant bookings on a Monday and Tuesday – a good opportunity to try out new vegetarian options. And don’t forget to fully utilise social media for promotion and feedback for such events and menu changes.

Home delivery has become a huge sector in the UK since the 2020 COVID19 pandemic with many restaurants offering the service for the first time.  As consumers choose to socially distance, takeaway from restaurant services have increased substantially.  Could a vegan home delivery menu be a consideration for your restaurant to keep on track with the Vegan trend?

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