UK Sailing Through The Brexit Storm

UK Sailing Through The Brexit Storm image

Right now we are in a very positive position here in the UK. Regardless of any economic pressure that the European Union tried to enforce on our Nation we have fresh global opportunity to trade with just about anyone we choose.

These new trade deals have an enormous knock on effect to small businesses throughout the UK. As a nation we are heavily based around our service sectors and the facts are the we strive to better and out-perform our competitors makes our service levels the highest the world over.

Brexit has for too long shed doubt, anxiety and fear into the business community. ‘Remain’ politicians have come and gone faster than a January storm off the Atlantic.

Not 24 hours on after a speech by the US President elect Donald Trump that now puts the United Kingdom at the ‘front of the queue’ for any future trade deals. This only weeks after the current President Barack Obama had publicly tried to shed fear into the UK economy and persuade voters to stay by saying we would be at the back of the queue if we left Europe.

Scaremongering to the side it has been down to powerful steerage and a steady hand at the helm from the Bank of England’s Mark Carney who has so far navigated some stormy weather.

It has been down to our business owners, from the corporates, the SME’s and the many small businesses across the nation who been determined to grow their businesses and meet the demand from an all time high consumer spend.

It’s been down to the alternative funding markets who have backed up our small business community with easy to access funding. The many of whom haven’t seen this time as an opportunity to pray on small businesses in need of finance with hefty pay back rates.

Quite the opposite, these companies have delivered unsecured business funding at market leading rates. Something the high street banks could never achieve.

We are proud of our own merchant cash advance product as part of this community of alternative finance providers. We are also proud of our great nation’s small business owners who are at the backbone of the economy.

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