Use Current Events To Create Awareness For Your Business

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Do you find yourself struggling for great content in your social media marketing? This blog is intended to help you think differently and use current events to create awareness for your business.

Take for example the 2016 Rio Olympics (it’s current at the time of writing this post). First of all you may want to think about how you can use the events to stimulate business not forgetting however that the Olympics are highly protected as a trademark of course!

How to use current events to create awareness for your business

So let’s take an example of a small business such as a coffee shop or patisserie and you are looking to create more awareness of your business and products. At the moment the Olympics are indeed in full swing after an incredible opening ceremony in Rio. If you check out social media at this time then the likes of #Rio #Brazil #Olympics #TeamGB are all trending keywords. Depending on of course when you are reading this we are sure to be close to the next big event – sporting or otherwise!

So why not capitalize on the trending search terms? I don’t just mean simply hashtagging those words in a random Twitter post (that doesn’t cut the mustard unfortunately). If you are a cafe or patisserie why not create a range of cakes or cookies perhaps. Maybe Bronze, Silver and Gold Cookie Medals made lovingly and photographed well in celebration of the success of #TeamGB at the #RioOlympics? Great for social media and also great for your customers too!

You see where I’m coming from right? You could of course be creative as you like – see what is making the daily headlines and jump in as quickly as possible. Of course you apply the same formula to your whatever business you are actually in.

Create some new content, choose your hashtags around the volume of trending keywords, tag in another business or individual that has a large following (we call these people influencers) and perhaps they may retweet your offering out to the many hundreds or thousands of followers they have.

Get involved with the conversation on social media, talk to other non-conflicting businesses in your area, you’ll be surprised how engaging this will be.

Most of all don’t just jump straight into an idea. Make sure it is current, on trend, in the news (locally, nationally or internationally), relevant and then brainstorm ideas. Maybe create a blog post on your own website that showcases the theme or products and then tweet the link out in an imaginative way to the right Influencers and audience.

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