Vote ‘yes’ for a return of Spitting Image Darling

Vote ‘yes’ for a return of Spitting Image Darling image

Vote ‘yes’ for a return of Spitting Image Darling

We’re drawing closer to the business end of the Scottish referendum vote which seems just hours away and as such I decided to trawl through some google analytics around some very important keywords to see in our final hours of debate just what percentage of the UK’s social surfing class  are searching for.  Maybe surfer’s are gathering in the last piece of information required to help make up their yes/no vote, their final decision and missing piece from the debate jigsaw, maybe how it would effect business, their tax affairs perhaps….maybe not it seems.

What I did find is staggering. It seems a very large percentage of us are actually searching on some very interesting search terms.

Lets take Alex Salmond.  A Google survey reveals that associated keywords around his name pull back searches on his:

  • Wife
  • Salary
  • Diet
  • Football..


  • Debate
  • Twitter
  • Contact


  • Whilst Alistair Darling on the other hand finds the keyword ‘eye brows‘ as a main keyword search!

It’s almost as if the UK’s public are yearning for the satire, the fun in the middle of uncertain times, the comic relief that a show such as Spitting Image back in the 1980’s would offer once a week.

So maybe the debate should be should we bring back spitting image? Yes / No

Then there are the online gaff’s, big ones

When the campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom launched a recent Television advert it went viral almost immediately but for all the wrong reasons.

Whilst in a kitchen a woman tells her partner to stop going on about the independence referendum and she doesn’t have time to think about voting because she’s too busy with housework….’Ouch’

The viral nature on social media took the ad in the wrong direction with people branding it sexist, old fashioned values and tired.  The wrong message delivered to the right audience. #Fail

Joking aside now, here at MLA we are all about change.  Changing the system, changing the way we utilise banks (if at all), changing perception of business as usual, changing working methodology, innovative thinking and so on….we love it.  We hope by the end of Thursday 18th September 2014 that we can still work with Scottish companies who are equally as important to us as all of our great nation.  If a ‘no’ vote arrives then we believe it will be the biggest ‘shot across the eyebrows for change’ (no pun intended darling) that the UK has seen in it’s history which will be a good thing not only for Scotland but for Wales, Northern Ireland and England too.  It will force further innovative national change with more powers to national government’s, the people and businesses closer to their own doorstep.

So folks, vote ‘yes’ for a return of Spitting Image and ‘No’ for ‘Better laughing together’

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