Welcome to Nibble+Squeak, a posh dining club for parents and kids

Welcome to Nibble+Squeak, a posh dining club for parents and kids image

We all like to experience the good life now and then, and one of the things we associate this life with is fine dining. Nothing quite beats browsing a menu of dishes that we can’t pronounce whilst conversing with a loved one over a glass of aged wine. 

That’s the life many of us want, but sadly it’s often out of reach for some, and by some we mean parents. It’s not exactly the done thing to book a table in one of London’s most exclusive areas for yourself, you beloved partner…and a screaming toddler with a penchant for food fights and tantrums. 

However, that’s no longer the case for fraught parents on the move thanks to Nibble+Squeak, a network founded by Melissa Elders that works closely with posh restaurants. The exclusive club creates an environment for those looking to fine dine with kids in tow.

Elders, who thought of the idea while in New York, said: “Everyone is in the same boat. If your baby has a meltdown, you’ll get supportive smiles rather than eye rolls. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy some great dining experiences without the fear of ruining it for others. It also gives restaurants an opportunity to show off their family-friendly side”.

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