Why your business should give back to the community

Why your business should give back to the community image

Working closely with your community is not only a great way of helping and supporting worthy organisations but it is a great way of generating awareness of your business too.

Most community based councils are still currently under a financial squeeze and by getting involved whether it is a direct financial injection or a time injection you can only help and add value in your local area.

Speak to your local council, community projects and clubs – find out any initiatives or areas that require help and support. Many youth clubs have closed in many areas due to cut backs. This has led to many teens and young adults missing out on activities that have historically provided a focus.

Why your business should give back to the community

Sponsor a project, maybe its a block of coaching for a sport that can be offered out to the community for free. Drum up awareness in the community via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Speak to your local newspaper reporters and ask them to cover it – a great way to reach a whole new audience.

Think about collaboration with other businesses who could also help with links into the community. By combining talent resource, time, energy and finance you can really make a big difference. Investing into your local community is a positive way to give back to those who have helped your business grow. Your efforts will undoubtedly give you a rewarding feeling of making your community a better place – even in a small way.

Many businesses that we have helped through funding have also helped their own communities to grow.

And remember there are advantages for your business too – like charitable deductions on your tax bill – otherwise destined for the tax man.

It’s a great way to improve networking and gaining new customers. Think about adding a tag line on your website, emails and social media pages to highlight your support for a local charity or organisation you help.

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