Will An App Help My Business Grow?

Will An App Help My Business Grow? image

It’s interesting to see App research from not just the UK but from other countries such as the USA, Canada Australia that are all suggesting that having an app for your small business has real benefits.

Currently across all these countries there are less than one quarter of small businesses have adopted a mobile strategy and around a third of those small businesses are also unlikely to build out an App.

For those who have built out a mobile app whether a full app listed on the Apple App Store or a web app that utilises mobile the rewards have been fruitful.

Take for example a small restaurant with a growing customer base. By developing an app restaurant owners can offer a whole new approach to customer engagement. And, with mobile app usage showing year on year growth why shouldn’t small businesses get involved?

As every business owner should know the easiest people to sell to are your existing customers. If they are happy with your products and services they will remain loyal if they continue to get a good deal.

This is where the App engagement comes in. By offering promotions, incentives, product information and easy communication routes within a well designed app will return your investment ten fold if not a lot more!

Make your customers aware that you have an app, ask them to think about downloading it when they visit your business. Put out on social media that your business has an app.

For example take a web app designed for a restaurant. By harnessing the power of push notifications you can easily nudge your customers to an offer, promotion or even a piece of news. To maximise the app’s engagement the use of push notifications to offer out a discount or special offer is one of the strongest ways to engage with your customer and drive sales that would otherwise be a marketing expense.

A small business app doesn’t have to be a large expense with more and more app agencies offering competitive design services in the UK.

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