Work amongst your employees to keep ideas fresh

Work amongst your employees to keep ideas fresh image

Sometimes being the boss can lead to becoming out of touch with your staff. Maybe that one line gives us a clue. Take the words ‘boss’ and ‘staff’ the terms themselves feel almost as if you are consciously alienating yourself from your ‘team’. By working amongst your team mates ‘staff’ you not only have the opportunity to inspire them but you can mix in with the buzz of the business, pick up on any issues, streamline processes and more importantly feed off new ideas for your business.

Take Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) for example. From day one he mixed within the office floor team and to this day he still maintains the same ethos. You never know where or who is going to come up with the next big idea. It may come to you because of a business or social issue that needs solving or it may come to you from one of your business team. Literally everyone from the summer intern right through to Director level should always have a say in the business no matter how creative or off-the-wall it may sound because maybe, just maybe something will emerge.

It won’t emerge so easily if you have your own ‘boss’ office, don’t take your team out for social occasions or sit amongst everyone on a day to day basis – even for an hour or two a day at least.

So if you want to grow your business why not talk and engage with your team (even if your business is small and there’s only a couple of you). Have a weekly relaxed brainstorm session, discuss topics that may need attention but on the whole keep the tone ‘business creative’. Make notes, use sticky labels, pin them to the wall, scribble on whiteboards or paper sheets, stick them to walls or doors and keep it imaginative.

‘Work amongst your employees to keep ideas fresh’ – it’s not rocket science

Don’t play down anyone’s idea, let them express themselves and feel comfortable otherwise they will clam up with embarrassment and it will be difficult to get them back in on the game.

People often ask ‘what’s the next big idea’? Well, the big ideas are happening all the time and these ideas have grown out of creative thought around a day to day problem.

Take for example the 2012 startup ‘Handy’ which allows members of the public to easily book pre qualified, approved handymen and women for jobs around the home.

Founders Mr Hanrahan and Umang Dua, 28, came up with the idea when they were flatmates in Boston.

Both were studying at Harvard Business School, and they were struggling to find someone they could trust to clean their messy student apartment, or do any repair work.

Handy which launched in the US and Canada has now launched in the UK, in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton. It already turnovers a staggering £71 million per year and has over 5000 service providers on it’s books.

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