YouTube Saved My Business

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At 19 and being signed off from her job through depression Lucy Myatt finally gave herself the motivation to start selling games at a car local boot sale. She enjoyed the experience so much she carried on doing more and more. She pushed herself to scale her operation by opening her first comic and video game store ‘Level Up’ in Liverpool.

Six years on and Lucy reveals how Youtube saved her business but in return it became an emotional rollercoaster along the way. Her business ‘Level Up’ has become one of the areas most popular comic and computer game stores in Liverpool with loyal fans and customers visiting the store on a daily basis.

Although the business started strong the ‘Level Up’ took on more and more debt and fell heavily behind on payments. Lucy was clearly concerned that the business would be forced to close however a conversation with a friend lead to the opportunity of broadcasting via Youtube.

Youtube enables anybody to create video content on a daily basis and build a fan base for whatever purpose. By creating an audience you can in turn create a loyal customer base.

On her first upload Lucy was clearly scared that once published there is no turning back and she felt concerned that in some cases going ‘public’ on Youtube can attract the wrong type of follower.

Lucy however went on documenting and broadcasting via two Youtube channels per day and although she has created over 100 videos to date only grossing £60 in Youtube revenue she knows that footfall to her shop increased as a direct result from broadcasting daily content via the channel.

“Owning my own shop has not only been the best decision I ever made in my entire life – it saved my life. It’s been amazing. It’s not for everyone. It’s so much hard work, it’s not easy, I never see my friends, never stop working, I’m going grey early but I’m happy and I have a roof over my head” Lucy Myatt, owner of Level Up, Liverpool and Youtube extraordinaire.

Owning a small business is indeed a life changing event but it is rewarding too. There are ways as Lucy has proved of helping yourself without spending on advertising. If you are in retail and you need to raise cashflow funding for your business then a merchant cash advance is a great way to fund your business by utilising your credit card sales.

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