Looking for the best Credit Card Machines for small business can be tricky especially as the market is so large.  Each company has their own unique selling points and maybe a slightly better fit for your business than the one before.  So where do you start when looking for the best credit card machines? Well this page is a pretty good start, you see we understand small UK businesses especially in this sector.  As a supplier of business finance tailored through our merchant cash advance product we are in a great position to know the benefits of some PDQ Merchant suppliers than others.

Best Credit Card Machines For Small Business

Here with a summary of the best credit card machines, their technology, unique selling points, best offers and more.  By understanding exactly how you wish to take payments whether counter top, mobile or e-commerce there are now even more ways to take payments from your customers.

Face to Face Payment Machines

Improved functionality and faster broadband speeds are enabling businesses to trade without compromise – seamless and quick transactions are crucial to running your business efficiently.  Whether your customers are online or face to face there is a merchant services solution for you.

Countertop Terminals

Great if you want to accept card payments at a fixed ‘in store’ location. All you need is a power socket and an Ethernet connection and you are away.  Usually countertop terminals are found at traders such as retail shops, grocery stores, restaurants, stationary shops, beauty salons and cafes.

This payment method is one of the most widely used payment methods.  By utilising the latest technology you can reduce the customer wait time allowing for faster secure transaction rates.  Contactless and Apple Pay are also available through PDQ terminals

Portable Mobile Terminals

You and your business are on the go.  In a mobile world there is nothing stopping you trading wherever you are which is why there is now a great choice to card processing models.  They connect via GPRS or 3g communication networks in turn giving you the freedom to take your payments directly to your customers.

  • Enable card payments over the counter.
  • Simple to use and highly secure
  • Takes all major credit cards
  • Faster transactions with contactless technology
  • Authorised and authenticated payments
  • Anti Fraud Standards PCI/ DSS

By taking payments up front you don’t need to send invoices or chase payments again. With cash flow being a crucial factor in any small business success the benefits are there for all to see.  What better than to provide services or sales that require immediate payment?  And of course having a customer who appreciates speed and security with any transaction they make.  Finding the best provider of credit card machines for small business is where we can help.

Contact us today and we can help your business with finding the ‘right’ solution for you.  Our wide range of merchant suppliers means we have the insight to which credit card machines maybe the best fit for your business.